The Khokarsa Series

Twelve thousand years ago at the close of the last Ice Age, the vast civilization of Khokarsa stretches along the shores of Africa's two great inland seas. But when a civil war between the followers of Mother Goddess Kho and those of the sun god Resu threatens to sunder the empire, it's up to the heroes and heroines of the land to protect the matriarchy—or end up martyrs on the sun god's altar.

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Hugo Award-winning author and SFWA Grand Master Philip José Farmer launched the Khokarsa series (sometimes called the Ancient Opar series) in 1974 with the novel Hadon of Ancient Opar, followed by a sequel, Flight to Opar, in 1976. The series was a tribute to the works of Burroughs and Haggard, and a testament to Farmer's formidable skill at elaborate and exhaustive world building. Though Farmer planned an expansive series using Khokarsa, Ancient Opar, and the lost city of Kôr as settings, other writing projects delayed those plans until 2005, when he authorized Christopher Paul Carey to complete The Song of Kwasin, the third novel in the series, using Farmer's partial manuscript, outline, and extensive notes. In 2008, Carey completed the manuscript and Farmer approved it for publication, and in 2012, The Song of Kwasin appeared alongside the first two novels in the series in the omnibus Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa (Subterranean Press). Since Farmer's passing in 2009, Carey has continued to write authorized tales in the Khokarsa series with the blessing of the Philip José Farmer estate.

The Khokarsa Series (click on titles for more info):

1. Hadon of Ancient Opar by Philip José Farmer

2. Flight to Opar by Philip José Farmer

3. The Song of Kwasin by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey

4. Hadon, King of Opar by Christopher Paul Carey (forthcoming)

5. Blood of Ancient Opar by Christopher Paul Carey (forthcoming)

The Khokarsa Series Prequels (click on titles for more info):

Time’s Last Gift by Philip José Farmer

Exiles of Kho by Christopher Paul Carey

Other Khokarsa Series Stories (click on titles for more info):

"A Kick in the Side" by Christopher Paul Carey (short story)

"Kwasin and the Bear God" by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey (novella)


The following is a list of the Khokarsa series in internal chronological order. Note that the series does not necessarily need to be read in this order. See the numbered list above for the order of the main series. (For Philip Jose Farmer's "Chronology of Khokarsa," click here.)

Khokarsa Series in Chronological Order:

Time’s Last Gift (novel): 12,000 B.C.–2073 A.D.

Exiles of Kho (novella): 10,812 B.C.–10,810 B.C. (788 A.T.*–790 A.T.)

Hadon of Ancient Opar (novel): 10,011 B.C.–10,008 B.C. (1589 A.T.–1593 A.T)

Flight to Opar (novel): 10,008 B.C.–10,007 B.C. (1593 A.T.)

“A Kick in the Side” (short story): 10,008 B.C. (1593 A.T.)

“Kwasin and the Bear God” (novella): 10,008 B.C. (1593 A.T.)

The Song of Kwasin (novel): 10,008 B.C.–10,004 B.C. (1593 A.T.–1597 A.T.)

Hadon, King of Opar (forthcoming novella): circa 9991 B.C. (1609 A.T.)

Blood of Ancient Opar (forthcoming novella): circa 9991 B.C. (1609 A.T)

* After Temple, i.e., after the founding of the large stone-block temple to Kho on the island of Khokarsa in 11,600 B.C.


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Ancient Africa circa 10,000 B.C.
Key: 1. Mukha; 2. Miklemres; 3. Qethruth; 4. Siwudawa;
5. Wethna; 6. Kethna; 7. Wentisuh;
8. Sakawuru; 9. Mikawuru; 10. Bawaku;
11. Towina; 12. Rebha; A. Klemqaba country

Island of Khokarsa

Central Section of City of Khokarsa
Dythbeth and Surrounding Region